A list of Famous people that have had a stroke? (2024)

2007 LIST.

Fidel Castro

Ariel Sharon

Ruby Muhammad

Charles Lane

Albert Hofmann

Oscar Niemeyer

Michael Foot

Ernest Borgnine

Billy Graham

Ronnie Biggs

Brooke Astor

Tim Johnson

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Claude Levi-Strauss

Ernest Gallo

Lady Bird Johnson

Bill Deedes

Mark Felt

Tammy Faye Messner

Karl Malden

Eli Wallach

Les Paul

Yitzhak Shamir

Dom Mintoff

Kirk Douglas

Olivia De Havilland

Herbert Lom

Vera Lynn

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Oral Roberts

Betty Ford

Dino de Laurentiis

Ian Smith

Ingmar Bergman

John Forsythe

Kurt Waldheim

JD Salinger

Jake Lamotta

John Demjanjuk

Al Molinaro

Abe Vigoda


Patrick Moore

Gore Vidal

George Melly

Jerry Lewis

Jack Kevorkian

Harold Pinter

Louis Farrakhan

Clive Dunn

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Job Description

15Fidel Castro81553 postsDictator

21µAriel Sharon79519 postsEx-Israeli Prime Minister

31µRuby Muhammad11058 postsMother of the Nation of Islam

452Charles Lane10277 postsActor

576Albert Hofmann101180 postsCreator of LSD

684Oscar Niemeyer100212 postsArchitect

7208Michael Foot94216 postsTramp

81µErnest Borgnine9079 postsActor

9332Billy Graham89219 postsEvangelist

1037Ronnie Biggs78437 postsAmbassador

1143Brooke Astor105258 postsPhilanthropist

121µTim Johnson6160 postsUS Senator

131µRowdy Roddy Piper5355 postsWWE Wrastler

1495Claude Levi-Strauss99112 postsScientist

dead15126Ernest Gallo98132 postsWine makerdead

16162Lady Bird Johnson95174 postsFormer first lady

175Bill Deedes9245 postsJournalist

181µMark Felt9469 postsDeep Throat

191µTammy Faye Messner65265 postsEvangelist

205Karl Malden9546 postsActor

21225Eli Wallach9245 postsActor

222Les Paul9241 postsGuitar maker

234Yitzhak Shamir9232 postsEx PM Israel

24273Dom Mintoff9192 postsEx Malta PM

25255Kirk Douglas9171 postsActor

262Olivia De Havilland9133 postsActress

273Herbert Lom9026 postsActor

28292Vera Lynn90117 postsSinger

29326Alexander Solzhenitsyn8971 postsAuthor

301µOral Roberts8929 postsEvangelist

312Betty Ford9166 postsClinic owner

32372Dino de Laurentiis8930 postsFilm Producer

331µIan Smith8918 postsEx-Rhodesian PM

34352Ingmar Bergman8947 postsFilm Director

351µJohn Forsythe8920 postsBlake Carrington

363111Kurt Waldheim89170 postsNazi

37382JD Salinger8863 postsAuthor

38403Jake Lamotta8689 postsBoxer

391µJohn Demjanjuk878 postsNazi Collaborator

401µAl Molinaro8819 postsHappy Days Al

411µAbe Vigoda8641 postsActor

42114Suharto86121 postsEx President of Indonesia

43146Patrick Moore84532 postsAstronomer

441µGore Vidal8220 postsAuthor

45473George Melly81141 postsJazz Man

462Jerry Lewis8179 postsComedian

471µJack Kevorkian7920 postsDr Death

48102Harold Pinter77145 postsPlaywright

492Louis Farrakhan7541 postsNutter

505011Clive Dunn85213 posts




List of famous people who died young


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For the purpose of this list, "dying young" refers to deaths before the age of 40, while "famous" refers to a historic figure or celebrity who was known for reasons other than their death.

Name Nationality Known for Cause of death Date

Aged under 16

Leo II (6/7) Byzantine Emperor unknown disease 474

Jessica Dubroff (7) American young pilot aircraft crash 1996

Lungtok Gyatso (9) the ninth Dalai Lama 1815

Judith Barsi (10) American child actress homicide 1988

Jacinta and Francisco Marto (10/11) Portuguese children who saw three apparitions of an angel and several apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary influenza 1919 and 1920

Julian Scriabin (11) Russian composer drowning 1919

Nkosi Johnson (12) South African children's rights activist AIDS 2001

Heather O'Rourke (12) American child actress bowel obstruction 1988

Samantha Smith (13) American social activist, actress, author aircraft crash 1985

Alexei Romanov (13) Russian royal heir assassination 1918

Prince John of the United Kingdom (13) English British prince epilepsy 1919

Mattie Stepanek (13) American poet muscular distrophy 2004

Peter II of Russia (14) Russian Tsar small pox 1730

Edward VI of England (15) English King of England tuberculosis 1553

Anne Frank (15) Dutch Jewish diarist typhus in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during The Holocaust 1945

Aged 16

Tara Correa-McMullen American actress homicide 2005

Michael Cuccione Canadian actor respiratory failure 2001

Lady Jane Grey English Queen for 9 to 13 days beheaded by order of Mary I 1554

Lucille Ricksen American actress tuberculosis 1925

Heikki Suolahti Finnish classical music composer not known 1936

Julie Vega Filipino actress pneumonia 1985

Aged 17

Anastasia Nicholaevna of Russia Russian Grand duch*ess of Russia assassination 1918

Baroness Mary Vetsera Austrian Rudolf's mistress possible suicide 1889

Caesarion (Little Caesar) Egyptian pharaoh, son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar executed by order of Augustus Caesar 30 BCE

Thomas Chatterton English poet suicide 1770

Khendrup Gyatso the eleventh Dalai Lama 1856

Krissy Taylor American supermodel heart failure due to a rare condition 1995

Ritchie Valens American Chicano-rock singer aircraft crash 1959

Aged 18

Edwy of England English King of England unknown 959

Tutankhamun Egyptian pharaoh possibly gangrene from an infected leg wound 1323 BCE

Anissa Jones American child actor drug overdose 1976

John Spence American ska singer (No Doubt) suicide by gunshot 1987

Ryan White American AIDS activist pneumonia caused by accidental HIV infection from treatments for haemophilia 1990

Aged 19

Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga Spanish composer disputed 1826

Divya Bharati Indian actress accidental fall from building 1993

Dorothy Dell American actress car accident 1934

Junior Durkin American actor car accident 1935

Margot Frank Dutch Jewish victim of the Holocaust, sister of Anne Frank typhus in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp during The Holocaust 1945

Joan of Arc French military commander burned at the stake 1431

Grand duch*ess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia Russian Grand duch*ess of Russia assassination 1918

Adam Petty American racing driver, grandson of Richard Petty car accident during race practice 2000

Pablo Santos Mexican actor aircraft crash 2006

Aged 20

Emilie Dionne Canadian one of the Dionne quintuplets complications from an epileptic seizure 1954

Josh Ryan Evans American soap opera actor (Passions) heart failure 2002

Evariste Galois French mathematician, inventor of group theory gunshot in duel 1832

Shauna Grant American adult film actress suicide 1984

Billy the Kid American outlaw gunshot 1881

Charles Sorley Scottish war poet shot in the head by a sniper at the Battle of Loos 1915

Charles Starkweather American spree killer executed 1959

Dorothy Stratten Canadian Playboy model homicide 1980

Carol Willis American Playboy model car accident 1971

Daniel Wayne Smith American actor and reality television star drug overdose 2006

Aged 21

Grand duch*ess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia Russian Grand duch*ess of Russia assassination 1918

Bridgette Andersen American actress drug overdose 1997

Eddie Cochran American rockabilly musician car crash 1960

James Crichton Scottish child prodigy ("the Admirable Crichton") killed in a swordfight 1582

Duncan Edwards English footballer (Manchester United) Munich air disaster 1958

Matthew Garber English actor pancreatitis 1977

Ernst Mielck Finnish composer tuberculosis 1899

Stuart Sutcliffe Scottish bassist (briefly with The Beatles) brain haemorrhage 1962

Rebecca Schaeffer American actress homicide (shot to death at her home by Robert John Bardo) 1989

Sid Vicious English punk-rock bass guitarist (Sex Pistols) heroin overdose, possibly intentional 1979

Aged 22

Aaliyah American R&B singer aircraft crash 2001

Alfie Anido Filipino actor officially listed as suicide 1981

Len Bias American basketball player (University of Maryland) cocaine overdose 1986

Lillian Board British Olympic silver medallist (1968) cancer 1970

Darby Crash American punk-rock singer (The Germs) suicide by heroin overdose 1980

Dominique Dunne American actress strangled into coma by ex-boyfriend 1982

Terry Fox Canadian athlete, activist cancer 1981

Mary Ann Ganser American musician (The Shangri-Las) encephalitis 1970

Buddy Holly American rock & roll singer aircraft crash 1959

Grand duch*ess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia Russian Grand duch*ess of Russia assassination 1918

Pepe Portuguese soccer player food poisoning 1930

Freddie Prinze American comedian, actor suicide 1977

Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt American first wife of Theodore Roosevelt Bright's disease 1884

John Thomson Scottish footballer on-pitch collision 1931

Ivo Van Damme Belgian middle distance runner car accident 1976

Robert Wadlow American tallest man ever infection of the left ankle 1940

Pedro Zamora American MTV The Real World participant AIDS 1994

Aged 23

Ian Curtis English post-punk singer (Joy Division) suicide by hanging 1980

Taki Rentaro Japanese composer tuberculosis 1903

Ernie Davis American college football running back (Syracuse University) leukemia 1963

Bobby Fuller American rock singer, guitarist undetermined 1966

Hank Gathers American college basketball player (Loyola Marymount University) sudden cardiac arrest due to a weakening of the heart muscle 1990

Emilio Jacinto Filipino revolutionary leader, poet malaria 1899

River Phoenix American actor heart failure due to drug overdose 1993

Selena American singer homicide 1995

Judy Tyler American actress car accident 1957

Anton Maiden Swedish singer suicide 2003

Aged 24

Duane Allman American Southern-rock slide-guitarist (Allman Brothers Band) motorbike accident 1971

Lili Boulanger French composer severe illness 1918

Cliff Burton American heavy-metal bass guitarist (Metallica) tour bus accident 1986

Fabio Casartelli Italian professional cyclist crash during Tour de France 1995

James Dean American actor car accident 1955

Gregorio del Pilar Filipino general died in battle 1899

Peg Entwistle Welsh actress suicide 1932

Robert Fergusson Scottish poet head trauma 1774

Ben Hollioake English cricketer car accident 2002

Stanley Ketchel American boxer gunshot 1910

Nile Kinnick American college football running back (University of Iowa) plane crash 1943

Lee Eun-ju South Korean Actress Suicide 2005

La Malinche Indigenous Mexican interpreter unknown 1529

Greg Moore Canadian racing driver car accident during race 1999

Notorious B.I.G. American rapper gunshot 1997

Lee Harvey Oswald American alleged assassin of US President John F Kennedy gunshot 1963

Steve Prefontaine American Olympic long-distance runner car accident 1975

Tammi Terrell American Motown singer brain tumour 1970

Darrent Williams American NFL defensive back (Denver Broncos) drive-by shooting 2007

Andrew Wood American grunge rock singer (Mother Love Bone) heroin overdose 1990

St Therese of Lisieux French Catholic saint tuberculosis 1897

Aged 25

Rudolf IV of Austria Austrian Duke -- 1365

Johnny Ace American rock 'n' roll musician gunshot (Russian roulette) 1954

Aubrey Beardsley English artist tuberculosis 1898

Tommy Bolin American musician drug overdose 1976

Mike Darr American Major League Baseball outfielder car accident 2002

Françoise Dorléac French actress car accident 1967

Abigail Folger American socialite, heiress homicide by followers of Charles Manson 1969

George Charles Grey English Liberal politician, youngest Member of Parliament killed in action 1944

John Keats English Romantic poet tuberculosis 1821

Paul Kossoff British rock guitarist drug-related heart problems 1976

Scott La Rock American DJ gun violence 1987

Belinda Lee English actress car accident 1961

Wilfred Owen English poet killed while crossing the Sambre-Oise Canal (World War I) 1918

Benny Paret Cuban boxer killed in boxing ring 1962

George Lawrence Price Canadian soldier shot near the heart, last Commonwealth soldier killed in World War I 1918

Randy Rhoads American hard-rock guitarist (Quiet Riot/Ozzy Osbourne) aircraft crash 1982

Dan Snyder Canadian ice hockey player nosocomial infection 2003

Manfred von Richthofen German World War I "ace of aces" shot down over Morlancourt Ridge 1918

Tupac Shakur (2pac) American rapper singer, poet gunshots from drive-by 1996

Aged 26

Niels Henrik Abel Norwegian mathematician tuberculosis 1829

Asmahan Syrian musician car accident 1944

Hobey Baker American ice hockey and American football player plane crash 1918

Barcroft Boake Australian poet suicide by hanging 1892

Monty Bowden English England's youngest ever cricket captain officially epilepsy, also trampled by his own oxen 1892

Fergus Bowes-Lyon British soldier, brother to the Queen Mother killed during the Battle of Loos 1915

Gia Carangi American fashion model AIDS 1986

Rudolf Charousek Hungarian chess player tuberculosis 1900

Nick Drake British folk guitarist/singer antidepressant overdose, probably intentional 1974

Richey James Edwards Welsh rock guitarist (Manic Street Preachers) presumed dead, likely jumped from bridge 1995

Jean Harlow American actress uremic poisoning and kidney failure 1937

Jon-Erik Hexum American actor/model Brain trauma after shooting a blank into his temple 1984

Ned Kelly Australian bushranger executed 1880

Pelle Lindbergh Swedish ice hockey goaltender (Philadelphia Flyers) car accident 1985

Al Lucas American American football player spinal cord injury during game 2005

Raymond Paley English mathematician skiing accident 1933

Gram Parsons American folk and country-rock singer (The Byrds) drug overdose 1973

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi Italian composer tuberculosis 1736

Brian Piccolo American American football running back (Chicago Bears) testicular cancer that metastasised into lung cancer 1970

Frank P. Ramsey English economist, philosopher and mathematician jaundice 1930

Otis Redding American soul singer aircraft crash 1967

Gustav Roch German mathematician tuberculosis 1866

Dave Sands Australian boxer truck accident 1952

Hillel Slovak Israeli rock guitarist (Red Hot Chili Peppers) heroin overdose 1988

Joey Stefano American p*rn star drug overdose 1994

Sharon Tate American actress homicide by followers of Charles Manson 1969

Hans Hermann von Katte Prussian royal's lover execution 1730

Aged 27

Dave Alexander American Bassist (The Stooges) pneumonia 1974

Jean-Michel Basquiat American Artist heroin overdose ("acute mixed drug interaction") 1988

D. Boon American punk rock musician (The Minutemen) car accident 1985

John Wilkes Booth American assassin of President Abraham Lincoln gunshot 1865

Jonathan Brandis American actor suicide 2003

Rupert Brooke British poet septic pneumonia 1915

Barry Brown American actor suicide 1978

Kurt Cobain American grunge singer/guitarist (Nirvana) gunshot after lethal dose of heroin, presumed suicide 1994

Gloria Dickson American actress asphyxiation in a house fire 1945

Andrés Escobar Colombian footballer shot, possibly for scoring "own goal" 1994

Alain-Fournier French author and soldier killed in battle during World War I 1914

King Ghazi Iraqi king possible murder 1939

Peter Ham British musician (Badfinger) suicide by hanging 1975

Robert Harron American actor gun accident 1920

Jimi Hendrix American rock guitarist/singer choked on own vomit caused by sleeping pill overdose 1970

Jon Hooker American former University of Kentucky baseball pitcher plane crash 2006

Paul Hunter British snooker player cancer 2006

Joseph Merrick (The Elephant Man) British severely deformed celebrity of Victorian era London suffocation, possibly suicide 1890

Robert Johnson American delta blues guitarist/singer alleged poisoning 1938

Brian Jones British rock guitarist (The Rolling Stones) drug-related drowning, possibly homicide 1969

Janis Joplin American rock/soul singer (Big Brother & the Holding Company) heroin overdose 1970

Reggie Lewis American basketball player (Boston Celtics) heart attack 1993

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan American rock/blues singer (The Grateful Dead) gastrointestinal hemorrhage 1973

Jim Morrison American rock singer (The Doors) heart attack, possibly due to drug overdose 1971

Henry Moseley British physicist killed in action 1915

Steve Olin American Major League Baseball pitcher boating accident 1993

Kristen Pfaff American rock/bassist (Hole) heroin overdose 1994

William Quantrill American Confederate guerrilla Killed by Union army 1865

Bobby Sands Northern Irish hunger striker, British Member of Parliament self-imposed starvation 1981

Pat Tillman American NFL player who gave up football to join US Army after [[September 11, 2001 attacks]] "friendly fire" in Afghanistan 2004

Lea De Mae Czech p*rn actress brain cancer 2004

Rico Yan Filipino actor either acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis or bangungot 2002

Aged 28

Isabella Beeton English author of "Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management" puerperal fever 1865

The Big Bopper American rock & roll singer aircraft crash 1959

Big Pun American rapper heart attack brought on by obesity 2000

Lyman Bostock American baseball player gunshot to the head 1978

Tim Buckley American folk singer drug overdose 1975

Roger Byrne English footballer (Manchester United) Munich air disaster 1958

Caligula Roman emperor assassination A.D. 41

Jason Collier American basketball player cardiac arrest 2005

Stephen Crane American novelist tuberculosis 1900

Maggie Dixon American Women's basketball coach at Army and younger sister of University of Pittsburgh men's coach Jamie Dixon cardiac arrest 2006

Marc-Vivien Foé Cameroonian footballer heart attack during match 2003

Keith Green American Gospel music pioneer plane crash 1982

Shannon Hoon American rock singer (Blind Melon) drug overdose 1995

Sarah Kane British playwright suicide 1999

Brandon Lee American actor(Son Of Bruce Lee) accidentally shot when prop gun malfunctioned on set of The Crow 1993

Novalis German poet and philosopher tuberculosis 1801

Bradley Nowell American reggae/ska/punk rock/hip hop singer (Sublime) heroin overdose 1996

Dražen Petrović Croatian basketball player car accident 1993

Jochen Rindt Austrian Formula 1 racing driver crash during race practice 1970

Edie Sedgwick American actress intentional barbiturate overdose 1971

Egon Schiele Austrian painter influenza 1918

Jason Thirsk American rock bassist (Pennywise) suicide 1996

Aged 29

Rafael Moreno Aranzadi Spanish footballer, gave his nickname to the Pichichi trophy typhoid 1922

David Bacon American actor possible murder 1943

Marc Bolan British glam-rock singer (T. Rex) car accident 1977

Anne Brontë English novelist tuberculosis 1849

Michelle Thomas American actress stomach cancer 1998

Merritt Butrick American actor AIDS 1989

Ray Chapman American baseball player (Cleveland Indians) hit in head by a pitch from Carl Mays 1920

Candy Darling American actress leukemia 1974

Feodor Deahna German mathematician unknown 1844

Dipendra of Nepal Nepali crown prince and briefly king alleged suicide by gunshot after allegedly shooting several members of royal family 2001

Ferdinand Eisenstein German mathematician tuberculosis 1852

Astrid of Belgium Belgian queen car accident 1935

Mike Hawthorn English racing driver car accident 1959

Barbara La Marr American actress tuberculosis and nephritis 1926

Carole Landis American actress suicide 1948

Christopher Marlowe English Renaissance playwright and poet, rival of Shakespeare dagger wound during knife-fight 1593

DJ Screw American musician overdose of codeine 2000

Percy Bysshe Shelley English Romantic poet (Ozymandias) drowned at sea during storm 1822

Tom Simpson British professional cyclist exhaustion during Tour de France 1967

Ronnie Van Zant American singer (Lynyrd Skynyrd) aircraft crash 1977

Jean Vigo French Film maker tuberculosis 1934

Hank Williams American country musician accidental overdose of morphine and alcohol 1953

Aged 30

Steve Biko South African anti-apartheid activist severe head trauma while in police custody 1977

Emily Brontë English novelist, poet tuberculosis 1848

Jeff Buckley American singer/guitarist drowned in river 1997

Rex Cherryman American actor septic poisoning 1928

Gaius Valerius Catullus Ancient Roman poet exhaustion 54 BCE

Patsy Cline American country music singer aircraft crash 1963

Paul Dana American race car driver car accident during a practice run 2006

Brandon De Wilde American actor car accident 1972

Andy Gibb British singer heart failure due to cocaine abuse 1988

Fred Grace English Test cricketer, brother of WG Grace pneumonia 1880

John Harvard English clergyman after whom Harvard University was named tuberculosis 1638

Robert E. Howard American writer suicide 1936

Little Willie John American musician pneumonia 1968

Bronisław Malinowski Polish Olympic gold medallist (1980) car accident 1981

Valentino Mazzola Italian footballer (Torino) Superga air disaster 1949

Nero Roman emperor suicide A.D. 68

Minamoto no Yosh*tsune Japanese General (exact age at death uncertain) Attack ordered by brother Yoritomo 1189

Bobby Phills American basketball player road accident 2000

Sylvia Plath American Pulitzer-Prize-winning poet and author suicide by asphyxiation 1963

Proof American rapper gunfire 2006

Malik Sealy American basketball player road accident 2000

Henri Toivonen Finnish rally car driver car accident during race 1986

Sergei Yesenin Russian poet suicide 1925

Aged 31

Richard Beckinsale British television actor heart attack 1979

Paula Björkqvist Finnish politician homicide 2006

Branwell Brontë English painter tuberculosis 1848

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha American author murder 1982

Michael Collins Irish revolutionary leader assassinated 1922

Nicole DeHuff American actress pneumonia 2005

Sandy Denny British singer cerebral haemorrhage 1978

Bobby Driscoll American actor drug-related heart disease 1968

Pete Duel American actor suicide 1971

Eazy-E American gangsta-rap pioneer (NWA) complications from unknowingly having AIDS 1995

Sidney Fox American actress suicide 1942

Keith Haring American painter AIDS 1990

Smita Patil Indian actress Childbirth 1986

Addie Joss American baseball pitcher (Cleveland Indians) tuberculosis 1911

Terry Kath American rock musician (Chicago) self inflicted gunshot 1978

Harold Lockwood American actor Spanish flu 1918

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes American singer (TLC) car accident 2002

Renate Müller German actress undetermined, suicide, or murder by Gestapo agents 1937

Karen Ann Quinlan American Central figure in a right to die dispute Eventual pneumonia after being in a persistent vegetative state 1985

Wallace Reid American actor influenza 1923

Minnie Riperton American singer cancer 1979

Lyda Roberti Polish actress heart attack 1938

Franz Schubert Austrian Composer possibly syphilis or typhoid fever 1828

Sir Philip Sidney English poet and soldier killed in battle 1586

J.E.B. Stuart American Confederate General died of battle wounds 1864

Yutaka Taniyama Japanese Mathematician suicide 1958

John Kennedy Toole American writer suicide 1969

Nat Turner American rebel execution 1831

Rudolph Valentino Italian actor septicaemia 1926

Phyllis Wheatley American poet, first Afro-American writer published in US poverty 1784

Aged 32

Alexander the Great Ancient Macedonian king, conqueror of "known" world malaria, possibly poisoned 323 BCE

Davey Allison American NASCAR racing driver helicopter crash 1993

Florence Ballard American singer (The Supremes) coronary thrombosis 1976

John Bonham British rock drummer (Led Zeppelin) alcohol poisoning 1980

Karen Carpenter American singer (The Carpenters) cardiac arrest due to anorexia nervosa 1983

Cazuza Brazilian singer AIDS 1990

Jim Clark British Formula One driver car accident during race 1968

Hart Crane American poet suicide 1932

Tim Crews American Major League Baseball pitcher boating accident 1993

Hansie Cronje South African cricketer aircraft crash 2002

Lya De Putti Hungarian actress pneumonia 1931

Ernest Dowson English poet alcoholism or tuberculosis 1900

J Dilla American hip hop producer thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura 2006

Cass Elliot American singer (The Mamas & Papas) heart attack brought on by obesity 1974

Belinda Emmett Australian actress breast cancer 2006

Soundarya Indian actress plane crash 2004

Brian Epstein British businessman, manager of The Beatles overdose, probably of sleeping pills 1967

Wyndham Halswelle Scottish athlete, 400m gold medallist at 1908 Olympic Games sniper's bullet at the Battle of Neuve Chapelle 1915

Bill Hicks American stand-up comedian pancreatic cancer 1994

Bruce Lee Chinese American martial arts actor possibly allergic reaction 1973

Magic Sam American blues guitarist heart attack 1969

Keith Moon British rock drummer (The Who) overdose of anti-seizure medication 1978

Thurman Munson American baseball player (New York Yankees) aircraft crash 1979

Kim Perrot American WNBA basketball player (Houston Comets) brain tumor attributed to lung cancer 1999

Rob Pilatus American Milli Vanilli overdose 1998

Srinivasa Ramanujan Indian mathematician amoebiasis 1920

Charles Rolls British co-founder of Rolls-Royce aircraft crash 1910

Gilles Villeneuve Canadian Formula One driver car accident during race qualifying 1982

Kim Walker American actress (Heathers) brain tumour 2001

Ricky Wilson American guitarist (The B-52's) AIDS 1985

James Wolfe English General, established British rule over Canada killed during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham 1759

Aged 33

John Belushi American actor and comedian overdose of cocaine and heroin 1982

Leigh Bowery Australian conceptual artist AIDS 1994

Eva Braun German Adolf Hitler's lover suicide 1945

William S. Burroughs, Jr. American writer liver failure 1981

Eva Cassidy American singer cancer 1996

Charlotte Coleman British actress asthma attack 2001

Sam Cooke American soul musician homicide 1964

Laurie Cunningham English footballer car accident 1989

Paul Laurence Dunbar American poet tuberculosis 1906

Althea Flynt American p*rnographer's wife drowned due to heroin overdose 1987

Chris Farley American comic actor accidental cocaine and heroin overdose 1997

Sanjay Gandhi Indian politician, member of Nehru-Gandhi family aircraft crash 1980

Jesus Christ (exact age at death uncertain) Judean founder of Christianity crucifixion ca. AD 30

Kay Kendall English actress myeloid leukaemia 1959

Valery Kharlamov Russian ice hockey player car accident 1981

Darryl Kile American Major League Baseball pitcher coronary heart disease 2002

Carole Lombard American actress, wife of Clark Gable aircraft crash 1942

Hideto Matsumoto Japanese musician hanged, possibly accidental 1998

Unity Mitford British fascist meningitis 1948

Eva Perón Argentinian actress, wife of President Juan Perón cancer 1952

Harry Nelson Pillsbury American chess player syphilis 1906

Moana Pozzi Italian p*rn actress liver cancer 1994

Roland Ratzenberger Austrian Formula 1 racing driver crash during race qualifying 1994

Keith Relf British singer / harmonica player (The Yardbirds) accidentally electric shock while playing his electric guitar 1976

Richard II of England English king, who was deposed and imprisoned by his cousin, Henry IV probably homicide or starvation 1400

David Rocastle English footballer non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 2001

Lev Schnirelmann Soviet mathematician suicide 1938

Bon Scott Australian hard-rock singer (AC/DC) suffocation on his own vomit after drinking binge 1980

Derrick Thomas American American football linebacker (Kansas City Chiefs) car accident 2000

Theo Van Gogh Dutch art dealer syphilis 1891

Ray Vitte American actor shot by police while resisting arrest 1983

John Wilmot English Restoration poet syphilis and alcoholism 1680

Aged 34

Rodney Anoai (Yokozuna) American professional wrestler heart attack 2000

Alma Cogan British pop singer cancer 1966

Maureen Connolly American tennis player cancer 1969

Jeffrey Dahmer American serial killer bludgeoning in prison by fellow inmate 1994

Thomas Anthony Dooley American activist cancer 1961

Yuri Gagarin Soviet cosmonaut, first man in space fighter jet crash during test flight 1968

Gioacchino Greco Italian chess player unknown disease 1634

Lorraine Hansberry American playwright breast cancer 1965

Owen Hart Canadian professional wrestler fall while being lowered to ring during live televised event 1999

Jesse James American outlaw and train-robber gunshot 1882

Cal Jammer American p*rn star suicide 1995

Toivo Kuula Finnish composer homicide 1918

Cory Lidle American Major League Baseball pitcher killed when his plane crashed into a high-rise building 2006

Jayne Mansfield American actress and sex symbol car accident 1967

Katherine Mansfield New Zealander writer tuberculosis 1923

Howie Morenz Canadian ice hockey player complications from broken leg 1937

Marco Pantani Italian cyclist cerebral oedema and heart failure from acute cocaine poisoning 2004

Charlie Parker American jazz saxophonist pneumonia and ulcer, brought on by drug abuse 1955

Ronnie Peterson Swedish racing driver pulmonary embolism following racing injury 1978

Dana Plato American actress prescription drug overdose 1999

James F. M. Prinsep English footballer, long-time holder of the record as England's youngest player fighting in Egypt 1895

Joe Orton English playwright bludgeoning w/ hammer by his jealous, drug-addicted room-mate 1967

Bo Rein American college football coach (NC State / LSU) bizarre aircraft crash in Atlantic Ocean, presumed dead 1980

Tim Richmond American NASCAR racing driver AIDS 1989

Ayrton Senna Brazilian Formula One racing driver crash during race 1994

Elliott Smith American singer-songwriter multiple stab wounds to chest, possibly suicide 2003

Layne Staley American heavy metal/grunge singer (Alice in Chains) cocaine and heroin overdose 2002

Michael Ventris British architect, classicist, linguist Car accident 1956

Simone Weil French philosopher tuberculosis 1943

Keith Whitley American country western singer alcohol poisoning 1989

Paul Williams American singer (The Temptations) suicide by gunshot 1973

Aged 35

Ed Delahanty American baseball player fell over Niagara Falls 1903

Josh Gibson American baseball player (***** Leagues) stroke 1947

Andy Kaufman American actor, comedian, hoaxer lung cancer 1984

Jonathan Larson American composer aortic dissection 1996

Meriwether Lewis American explorer gunshot 1809

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Salzburgian composer Rheumatic fever 1791

Phil Ochs American singer suicide by hanging 1976

Ol' Dirty Bastard American rapper (Wu Tang Clan) accidental overdose of cocaine and painkillers 2004

Elis Regina Brazilian singer overdose 1982

José Rizal Filipino novelist, National Hero of the Philippines Spanish firing squad 1896

Jimmie Rodgers American country musician hemorrage brought on by tuberculosis 1933

Philippa Schuyler American musician aircraft crash 1967

Matthias Sindelar Austrian footballer carbon monoxide poisoning 1939

Wolfe Tone Irish independence leader suicide by stab wounds to throat while awaiting execution in British custody 1798

Stevie Ray Vaughan American blues guitarist helicopter crash 1990

Kellie Waymire American actress cardiac arrhythmia 2003

Lena Zavaroni Scottish pop singer anorexia nervosa 1999

Aged 36

GG Allin American punk rock singer heroin overdose 1993

Alberto Ascari Italian Formula 1 racing driver crash during testing 1955

Antonio Ascari Italian Formula 1 racing driver crash during French Grand Prix 1925

Georges Bizet French composer "acute articular rheumatism" 1875

Lord Byron English poet tuberculosis 1824

Iris Chang American author suicide 2004

Cyril Collard French artist AIDS 1993

Paul Demayo American bodybuilder heroin overdose 2005

Tip Foster English only man to have captained both England football and cricket teams diabetes 1914

John Gilbert American actor heart attack 1936

Joe Hall Canadian ice hockey player Spanish flu 1919

Silk Smitha Indian actress and sex symbol Suicide 1996

Robin Harris American comedian, actor Heart Attack 1990

Doc Holliday American dentist, gambler, gunfighter tuberculosis 1887

Casey Jones American railroad engineer train accident 1900

Ada Lovelace English mathematician uterine cancer 1852

Phil Lynott Irish rock musician (Thin Lizzy) drug overdose 1986

Bob Marley Jamaican reggae musician melanoma, started in toe, spread to lung and brain 1981

Marilyn Monroe American actress, sex symbol barbiturate overdose, probably intentional 1962

Kimmo Nevonmaa Finnish composer cerebral haemorrhage 1996

Patrick Pearse Irish nationalist execution 1916

Jack Pickford Canadian-born American actor syphilis, alcoholism 1933

Evelyn Preer American actress, singer pneumonia 1932

Henry Purcell English composer possibly tuberculosis 1695

C. P. Ramanujam Indian mathematician suicide 1974

Maximilien Robespierre French revolutionary leader guillotined 1794

Gaetano Scirea Italian footballer car crash 1989

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec French artist alcoholism 1901

Gene Vincent American rockabilly musician liver damage from alcoholism 1971

Diana, Princess of Wales British royal, ex-wife of Prince Charles car accident 1997

Nathanael West American writer car accident 1940

Jaco Pastorius American bass player, former member of Weather Report brain damage 1987

Aged 37

Mike Bloomfield American guitarist overdose 1981

Robert Burns Scottish poet heart problems 1796

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor English composer pneumonia 1912

King Curtis American saxophonist homicide 1971

Jill Dando British television presenter gunshot 1999

Bobby Darin American singer, actor complications during heart surgery 1973

Justin Fashanu English footballer suicide 1998

Stephen Foster American composer accidental fall 1864

Rosalind Franklin English DNA pioneer ovarian cancer 1958

Lou Gehrig American baseball player (New York Yankees) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 1941

Albert Girard French mathematician unknown 1632

Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden Swedish King of Sweden killed in Battle of Lützen 1632

Veronica Guerin Irish journalist homicide 1996

Mitch Hedberg American comedian drug overdose 2005

Qusay Hussein Iraqi son of Saddam Hussein and head of the Iraqi Intelligence Service gun battle with US forces 2003

Michael Hutchence Australian rock singer (INXS) hanged in possible autoerotic asphyxiation incident 1997

Jam Master Jay American hip hop DJ (Run-DMC) gunshots from unknown attacker in recording studio 2002

Marie Antoinette French Queen, wife of Louis XVI executed 1793

Joe Meek British record producer suicide 1967

Sal Mineo American actor murder by stabbing 1976

Ernst Paul Heinz Prüfer German mathematician unknown cause 1934

Aleksandr Pushkin Russian playwright, poet gunshot during duel 1837

Raphael Italian artist unknown cause 1520

Arthur Rimbaud French poet gangrene 1891

Franklyn Seales Vincentian Silver Spoons actor AIDS 1990

Soraya Colombian-American singer breast cancer 2006

Irving Thalberg American film producer pneumonia 1936

Vincent Van Gogh Dutch painter suicide by gunshot to his chest 1890

Aged 38

Minako Honda Japanese singer, actress leukemia 2005

Mary Kay Bergman American voice actress (South Park) suicide 1999

Charlotte Brontë English novelist tuberculosis (debated) 1855

Harry Chapin American singer-songwriter car crash 1981

Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates) aircraft crash 1972

Jackie Curtis American actress drug overdose 1985

Dimebag Darrell American guitarist (Pantera) murder 2004

Ted Demme American film director heart attack 2002

George Gershwin American composer brain tumor 1937

Eddie Guerrero American professional wrestler heart failure 2005

Florence Griffith Joyner American sprinter cavernous angioma, possibly caused by performance-enhancing drugs 1998

John F. Kennedy, Jr American journalist, publisher aircraft crash 1999

Sam Kinison American stand-up comedian car accident caused by drunk driver 1992

Alan Kulwicki American NASCAR racing driver plane crash 1993

Mario Lanza American operatic tenor and actor heart attack 1959

Sonny Liston American heavyweight boxer drug overdose 1970

James MacCullagh Irish mathematician suicide 1847

Anna Malle American p*rnographic actress car crash 2006

Vera Menchik British chess player V-2 rocket 1944

Felix Mendelssohn German composer stroke 1847

Marie Prevost Canadian-born American actress alcoholism, malnutrition 1937

David Rappaport British diminutive actor suicide 1990

Charles Kingsford Smith Australian pioneering aviator presumed aircraft crash 1935

Joseph Smith, Jr American founder of Latter Day Saint movement (Mormon Church) gunshot and fall from window 1844

Leonid Stein Russian chess player heart attack 1973

Thomas Joannes Stieltjes Dutch mathematician unknown 1894

Johnny Thunders American glam-rock guitarist/singer (New York Dolls) methadone and alcohol poisoning 1991

Aged 39

Bill Black American bass player for Elvis brain tumour 1965

Frédéric Chopin Polish composer tuberculosis 1849

Crazy Horse Sioux warrior (exact age at death uncertain) assassination 1877

Amelia Earhart American aviator plane disappeared while crossing Pacific Ocean, presumed dead 1937

Brenda Fassie South African pop singer cocain overdose 2004

Felix Gonzalez-Torres American artist AIDS 1996

Che Guevara Argentinean Marxist revolutionary and Cuban guerrilla leader executed while in Bolivian army’s custody 1967

George Herbert English poet tuberculosis 1633

Craig Heyward American former NFL running back brain tumor 2006

Eldon Hoke American drummer train collision 1997

Uday Hussein Iraqi son of Saddam Hussein gun battle with US forces 2003

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson American Confederate Civil War general fatally wounded in battle 1863

Martin Luther King, Jr American Nobel laureate, minister, civil rights activist gunshot 1968

Klaus Nomi German singer AIDS 1983

Flannery O'Connor American Author lupus 1964

Blaise Pascal French mathematician and philosopher possibly tuberculosis or stomach cancer 1662

Howard Taylor Ricketts American pathologist typhus 1910

Bernhard Riemann German mathematician tuberculosis 1866

Anna Nicole Smith American model and actress 2007

Davey Boy Smith (British Bulldog) British Wrestler Heart attack 2002

Jermaine Stewart American musician AIDS 1997

Dylan Thomas Welsh poet alcohol poisoning 1953

Evangelista Torricelli Italian physicist and mathematician typhoid fever 1647

Georges Vézina Canadian ice hockey goaltender (Canadien) tuberculosis 1926

Carl Maria von Weber German composer tuberculosis 1826

Dan White American politician suicide 1985

Dennis Wilson American rock & roll musician (The Beach Boys) drowning due to intoxication 1983

Malcolm X American leader of militant black nationalism gunshots 1965

Karen Young American disco singer Bleeding ulcer 1991

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Jordanian Al Qaeda leader Bomb attack 2006

A list of Famous people that have had a stroke? (2024)


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