Can You Buy a Partial Amount of Bitcoin (BTC) or a Fraction of Bitcoin at CEX.IO? (2024)

CEX.IO represents an ecosystem of various fintech services. The platform offers you to benefit from spot and margin trading, simple crypto staking, quick crypto-backed loans, and more.

If you want to buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), or another digital currency, you can do that in a few clicks via our Instant buy service. Most of the crypto assets that are available on CEX.IO can be bought in parts rather than in whole units. If you ask, ‘Can I buy half a Bitcoin?’ you’ll get a positive answer. As well, you can buy a fraction of Bitcoin (BTC) if it’s necessary.

Wonder what is a satoshi and why do we call it a fraction of Bitcoin?

Sometimes, when the Bitcoin price achieves new highs, some investors hesitate if they should buy this cryptocurrency. Firstly, because they are afraid of the risks connected with the price drop. Secondly, they can simply not have enough money to buy 1 BTC. Finally, they may see no reason for keeping the whole Bitcoin on their account.

Luckily, Bitcoin can be divided into small subunits — up to 8 decimal places. These fractions are named after the creator of Bitcoin - satoshis. It’s basically the only unit that can be recognized by software where Bitcoin nodes run.

The history of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was developed by a group of cryptographers who were trying to create a secure and decentralised network for transferring funds and sharing data. Also, they were looking for a solution for the 'double-spend' problem, when a digital file could be copied and then used repeatedly.

In fact, financial institutions can deal with the issue with the help of a secure database. Banks use special software to track every account's contents. But the computer scientists behind the Bitcoin project wanted a solution that was more akin to physical cash: private, traceable, and not subject to the whims of third parties.

So they launched Bitcoin’s blockchain, a cryptographically secured public ledger that records transactions anonymously.

Originally, Nakamoto's 'white paper' introduced the concept of Bitcoin's value. The article claimed that Bitcoin would provide benefits like eliminating chargebacks for merchants and reducing transaction fees over existing forms of electronic money such as credit cards.

Why is Bitcoin unique?

Bitcoin is the first digital currency that appeared in the world. The coin is proven to be secure as it uses SHA-256 encryption for both its Proof-of-Work (PoW) system and transaction verification. What is more, Bitcoin transactions are technically impossible to copy due to the characteristics of the protocol. The network prevents every participant from carrying out an attack known as a double spend.

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How to buy a partial amount of Bitcoin with a card?

If you are ready to become a crypto owner, you can easily , at the CEX.IO platform. To do so, you need to open an account there:

Go to the registration page, enter your e-mail and make up a password;

  • Enter your First and Last name, select the country you live in, accept the Terms of Use and click create an account;
  • Confirm your email address with the code you receive in the email box or by clicking the link.

Now you're a CEX.IO customer and can explore the possibilities of the platform. If you want to start buying crypto, pass the Identity verification, which consists of 7 simple steps.

How to buy a BTC fraction on CEX.IO?

Our platform allows you to choose either a small or big amount of BTC to purchase. You can buy Bitcoin with a debit card using such services as:

Instant buy

Open the Buy/Sell page and opt for the fiat you want to buy Bitcoin for. The current price is frozen for 120 seconds so you can buy crypto for the exact rate you order and without slippage. Then, select the number of coins you need, click on the Buy button, and you will see the receipt. Next, choose your linked card as a payment method and confirm a purchase.


The first thing you need to make before starting trading on CEX.IO is a card deposit. Using either a debit or credit card you can top up your balance with USD, EUR, GBP, or RUB.

Then, go to the Trade page, find the BTC to USD pair and place the market or limit order. A market order allows you to buy crypto for the current market price, while with the limit order you can buy digital currency at a price you set.

Can you buy less than one Bitcoin via a mobile app?

CEX.IO mobile app can be a perfect choice for you to buy, exchange, and trade Bitcoin on the go. First, install the app on your smartphone or tablet. Then, enter your CEX.IO account credentials and the app will synchronize your data.

How to buy BTC via CEX.IO mobile app?

  • Open the Buy/Sell tab in the CEX.IO mobile app;
  • Choose for fiat you want to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with;
  • Select the amount you want to purchase or set your own (not less than $20);
  • Press Buy now, and you’ll see the receipt. In case all the details are correct, opt for the payment option, and click Proceed.

You’ll have BTC on your balance in a few seconds. Similarly, you can buy Ethereum or another crypto. To spot the right moment for buying crypto, check crypto prices. Following charts, you will be always up to date with trends.


CEX.IO offers you to exchange Bitcoin. This is one more way to buy BTC via a mobile app.

  • Tap on the Exchange tab;
  • Select fiat or crypto you want to exchange for BTC;
  • Set the amount you want to exchange (25-100%) and press Exchange now. You will see the summary of the transaction with the service fees;
  • Press Exchange if all is correct.

BTC will be on your balance asap. CEX.IO mobile application allows you also to sell Bitcoin instantly.

What payment methods can I use to buy crypto on CEX.IO?

There is a wide range of instruments allowing you to buy crypto on the CEX.IO Bitcoin exchange. In addition to credit and debit cards, you can use a bank transfer, like SWIFT (USD/GBP/EUR). As a domestic transfer, ACH is available to US residents, Faster payments — for UK residents, and Sepa works in Europe.

E-wallets are another option for depositing money into your CEX.IO balance. You can pay with Epay, Advcash, or Skrill.

Check the full list of supported countries, your account limits, and commissions for payments.

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The most popular questions on Bitcoin

How many satoshi fractions are in 1 Bitcoin?

One Bitcoin contains 100,000,000 satoshis. When you buy less than 1 BTC it doesn't necessarily mean you purchase satoshis. Actually, satoshis just help to show the value of Bitcoin if the amount is less than 1 BTC, for instance. If the price of Bitcoin increases, the value of your fractions will increase along with it.

What is the smallest amount of Bitcoin I can buy at CEX.IO?

Currently, the minimum amount of Bitcoin you can buy at CEX.IO via Instant buy is 0,0009 BTC. If you buy BTC via market or limit order, the minimum purchase value is equal to 10 USD due to the current market rate.

Is it worth buying a fraction of major crypto Bitcoin?

If you want to be a crypto holder, it’s possible even with a small amount of money. It can be a good idea to buy a fraction of Bitcoin (BTC). You shouldn’t spend as much as the whole coin costs, thus fractioning of BTC gives you flexibility and makes the purchase of crypto easier.

How can I calculate the current value of Bitcoin in fiats?

With the CEX.IO Bitcoin price calculator tool, you can easily count the price of Bitcoin in fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB). There's a simple dollar to Bitcoin (BTC) converter that displays a market rate based on the current Bitcoin price on the CEX.IO exchange. The price is updated in real-time so you can buy it instantly if the market rate meets your expectations.

Can I buy Bitcoin with Skrill?

Yes, you can. Go to the Finance page or click the deposit button on the right corner of the site.

  • Opt for EUR or GBP as the currency to replenish your balance with and type the amount. Choose Skrill as a payment method;
  • Select your bank country and click Proceed. The details of your transfer will be sent to your email;
  • Choose the Skrill to Skrill option in your wallet;
  • Enter your order's email address and the transfer amount.

You will receive your funds immediately upon confirming the transfer.

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Can You Buy a Partial Amount of Bitcoin (BTC) or a Fraction of Bitcoin at CEX.IO? (2024)


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