Trading Strategies & Indicators Built by TradingView Community (2024)

Market Sentiment Technicals [LuxAlgo]


The Market Sentiment Technicals indicator synthesizes insights from diverse technical analysis techniques, including price action market structures, trend indicators, volatility indicators, momentum oscillators, and more. The indicator consolidates the evaluated outputs from these techniques into a singular value and presents the combined data through an...




Scripts are trading indicators and strategies built by our community using TradingView's Pine Script™ programming language. The elegant and minimalistic nature of Pine Script™ has made it incredibly popular. As a result, you're looking at the world's largest curated repository of indicators and strategies, our 100,000-strong Community Scripts.

Indicators and strategies are powerful because they allow you to analyze the markets with different lenses. Whatever the methodology you use to trade, chances are you'll find scripts that can help you.

We are grateful to the thousands of programmers who, in true TradingView spirit, generously share their scripts with our community. Those with outstanding track records become our legendary Pine Script™ Wizards.

PineCoders is a group of Pine Script™ programmers that includes many of the Wizards and works with TradingView to steer the future of Pine Script™, help other programmers, select our Editors' Picks, and uphold the Script Publishing House Rules.

Linear Regression Oscillator [ChartPrime]


Linear Regression Oscillator Indicator Overview: The Linear Regression Oscillator is a custom TradingView indicator designed to provide insights into potential mean reversion and trend conditions. By calculating a linear regression on the closing prices over a user-defined period, this oscillator helps identify overbought and oversold levels and highlights...



Support and Resistance (High Volume Boxes) [ChartPrime]


Support and Resistance (High Volume Boxes) ◆ Overview: The "Support and Resistance" indicator identifies key support and resistance levels using pivot points and volume analysis. It visually represents these levels with dynamically colored boxes, indicating the strength of the volume. This helps traders recognize potential price reversals and key zones for buy...



ICT Propulsion Block [LuxAlgo]


The ICT Propulsion Block indicator is meant to detect and highlight propulsion blocks, which are specific price structures introduced by the Inner Circle Trader (ICT). Propulsion Blocks are essentially blocks located where prices interact with preceding order blocks. Traders often utilize them when analyzing price movements to identify potential turning points...

Depth of Market (DOM) [LuxAlgo]


The Depth Of Market (DOM) tool allows traders to look under the hood of any market, taking price and volume analysis to the next level. The following features are included: DOM, Time & Sales, Volume Profile, Depth of Market, Imbalances, Buying Pressure, and up to 24 key intraday levels (it really packs a punch). As a disclaimer, this tool does not use tick...



Wave Consolidation [LuxAlgo]


The Wave Consolidation indicator uses market profiles to highlight consolidation zones based on upward and downward moves determined when a Higher-High or Lower-Low is created.Users can control the amount of consolidation zones to display and the sensitivity of the swing point detection used to return those zones.🔶 USAGE These zones are intended as...




The Breakouts Tests & Retests indicator highlights tests and retests of levels constructed from detected swing points. A swing area of interest switches colors when a breakout occurs.Users can control the sensitivity of the swing point detection and the width of the swing areas.🔶 USAGE When a Swing point is detected, an area of interest is drawn,...



Hourly Trading System (Zeiierman)


█ Overview The Hourly Trading System (Zeiierman) is designed to enhance your trading by highlighting critical price levels and trends on an hourly basis. This indicator plots the open prices of hourly and 4-hour candles, visualizes retests, displays average price lines, and overlays higher timeframe candlesticks. It is particularly beneficial for intraday...



Market Structure Targets Model [LuxAlgo]


The Market Structure Targets Model indicator provides an algorithmic approach to setting targets from market structure shifts (MSS) and market structure breaks (MSB), two popular Smart Money Concept (SMC) concepts. Depending on the target % settings, they can be used as take profit, confirmation levels, or potential reversal points.🔶 USAGE Our Market...



Candlestick Structure [LuxAlgo]


The Candlestick Structure indicator detects major market trends and displays various candlestick patterns aligning with the detected trend, filtering out potentially unwanted patterns as a result. Multiple trend detection methods are included and can be selected by the users.A dashboard showing the alignment percentage of each individual pattern is also...



Wolfe Wave Detector [LuxAlgo]


The Wolfe Wave Detector displays occurrences of Wolfe Waves, alongside a target line. A multiple swing detection approach is used to maximize the number of detected waves. The indicator includes a dashboard with the number of detected waves, as well as the number of reached targets. 🔶 USAGE The Wolfe Wave pattern is a chart pattern composed of five...



Bayesian Trend Indicator [ChartPrime]


Bayesian Trend Indicator Overview: In probability theory and statistics, Bayes' theorem (alternatively Bayes' law or Bayes' rule), named after Thomas Bayes, describes the probability of an event, based on prior knowledge of conditions that might be related to the event. The "Bayesian Trend Indicator" is a sophisticated technical analysis tool designed...



ICT Turtle Soup | Flux Charts


💎 GENERAL OVERVIEW Introducing our new ICT Turtle Soup Indicator! This indicator is built around the ICT "Turtle Soup" model. The strategy has 5 steps for execution which are described in this write-up. For more information about the process, check the "HOW DOES IT WORK" section. Features of the new ICT Turtle Soup Indicator : Implementation of ICT's...




Volume Positive & Negative Levels Overview: The Volume Positive & Negative Levels indicator by ChartPrime is designed to provide traders with a clear visualization of volume activity across different price levels. By plotting volume levels as histograms, this tool helps identify significant areas of buying (positive volume) and selling (negative volume)...



Spiral Levels [ChartPrime]


SPIRAL LEVELS ⯁ OVERVIEW The Spiral Levels [ ChartPrime ] indicator, designed for use on TradingView and developed with Pine Script™ , leveraging a combination of traditional pivot points and spiral geometry to visualize support and resistance levels on the chart. By plotting spirals from pivot points, the indicator provides a distinctive perspective on...



Trend Strength Signals [AlgoAlpha]


🌟Introducing the Trend and Strength Signals indicator by AlgoAlpha ! This tool is designed to help you identify trends and gauge market strength with precision and ease. 📈🚀 🛠 Customizable Parameters : Adjust the period, standard deviation multiplier, gauge size, and colors to fit your trading style. 📊 Trend Detection : Visualize trends with clear...



RSI Trail [UAlgo]


The RSI Trail indicator is a technical analysis tool designed to assist traders in making informed decisions by utilizing the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and various moving average calculations. This indicator dynamically plots support and resistance levels based on RSI values, providing visual cues for potential bullish and bearish signals. The inclusion of a...



Multi Asset Histogram [ChartPrime]


Multi Asset Histogram Indicator Overview: The "Multi Asset Histogram" indicator provides a comprehensive visualization of the performance of multiple assets relative to each other. By calculating a score for each asset and displaying it in a histogram format, this indicator helps traders quickly identify the trends, dominant asset and the average performance...


Trading Strategies & Indicators Built by TradingView Community (2024)


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