Fronti Nulla Fides (With Tragedy In Their Blood: Book Two) - Chapter 14 - CestNous - Harry Potter (2024)

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Harry sat in the Great Hall, one of the first to sit down at the long, wooden table that quiet morning. The others had been late to wake up and Harry had a feeling he needed to be here and not wait for his friends. A cup and saucer appeared in front of Harry while he started to put jam and butter on some toast before it filled up with an amber liquid. Finishing preparing his plate, Harry took the glass in hand and sipped it, smiling to himself before reaching into his hip satchel and summoned a small vial out of it, pouring some of the contents into the hot liquid.

“Don’t let any of the professors see you doing that, Harry,” a soft voice said from in front of Harry. Looking up from his tea, Harry locked eyes with a wide-eyed Gryffindor.

“I’ll keep that in mind, thank you, Neville. It’s just a bit of Conium Maculatum.”

Neville’s eyes somehow got even bigger at the admission.

“You… you’re adding in Hemlock to your tea? But that’s poisonous!”

Harry shrugged and put the cup to his lips and smiled before sipping it. “It adds a little bit of a kick. We add stronger herbs to our tea and coffee back home. If you ever want to talk more about it, you are welcome to seek me out.”

The other student took a moment to process what Harry was telling him before more students started to trickle into the Great Hall.

“I’ll keep that in mind... Enjoy your breakfast,” Neville ended up saying while his housemates called out his name to get his attention. Harry nodded before Nevile went to sit with the other Gryffindor students.

Harry went back to his breakfast and pulled out just one of the many books he had brought from home from his satchel while waiting for his own friends to join him at the table and hoping that there would be an owl that would deliver something to him too. Harry was well through half of his breakfast before Draco and the others sat down around him.

“Morning, Harry. You’re up early,” Theo said while grabbing some orange juice.

Harry set his book down once he marked his place and looked at his friends, about to return the greeting when flocks of owls flew into the Great Hall, dropping letters and parcels onto the tables for the students. His attention stolen, Harry looked up to the birds soaring above them all.

“Are you expecting something?” Draco questioned.

“Hoping would be more accurate, Draco,” Harry said, not looking at anyone in particular as the others exchanged glances. He half hoped to receive another letter from his parents, or even something from his godfather. Harry hadn’t heard anything from Sirius nor from anyone back home since Halloween. Something had been keeping any correspondences from Harry and he was going to figure out who or what that was.

“So what are you hoping to receive? Early Christmas gifts, maybe?” Daphne said with excitement. “I can’t wait to see what your family gives you this year. Would be better than anything my parents get me.”

“You sound a bit ungrateful, Daph,” Blaise said before taking a bite of sausage.

“I am not ungrateful! Harry’s family just are more fun than mine, is all. Nothing wrong with that,” She retorted with a pout.

“More fun? You’re mental,” Theo muttered.

“No, I’m not waiting for early gifts for Christmas, Daphne.” Harry said to the witch and offered a faint smile, “But I have gifts to give you all that I will be excited to see you open... I’ll be staying here for the holiday again, if what I think is happening with my parents is actually happening.”

“Ominous…” Draco said with a bit of cheek. “So what are you hoping for?” He tried the same question again and to held back from asking about Harry’s parents when out in the open and not in their dormitory in the dungeon. Harry may not be afraid to be who he is but he also didn’t like to speard information that not everyone needed to know.

Harry’s gaze drifted to the blond’s before back up to the enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall.

“Another letter from my parents…” Harry sighed. “Or from anyone.”

Both the castle owls and visiting owls dropped off all they had before leaving the students and staff to their deliveries. The chatter in the Great Hall grew louder than normal for being so early in the day. Nothing was delivered to Harry, no sign of Hecate or any familiar from back home. The Slytherin students around him offered Harry a gentle look.

“Maybe there is a delay? You know how some owls can get distracted-,” Blaise tried before being cut off.

“Those Weasley’s have a wonky bird,” Theo interjected while pointing to the group of redheads at the table beside them.”Maybe the letter from your parents is being carried by a bird like that?”

“So what if they do, Theo?” Daphne huffed.

“It isn’t the birds’ fault who their owner is,” Harry said without any bite in his words.

“Alright… Have you spoken to Professor Dumbledore about it? Maybe he knows something?” Daphne asked, trying to be more helpful.

Harry shook his head. “I want to try one more method of reaching someone before I speak to any of the professors.” Not that he wanted to talk to the headmaster about the lack of communication with his family. Headmaster Dumbledore would be one of the last people he would want to talk about his parents to, along with Professor Lockhart.

Draco watched Harry as he finished his tea and toast as the owls flew back out of the hall. He couldn’t put his finger on it but he knew something else was going on in that dark and twisted mind of the young Addams. The group finished their breakfast without any other mention of what Harry was waiting for or anything related to his parents before heading off to their first class.

The Slytherins walked into the Defense Against the Dark Arts class along with the other Griffindors, going to their assigned seats and waited for the self centered professor to come out of his office and start the class.

There were whispers all around Harry, mostly from the other students not in his house. Harry was keen on ignoring them, something he did regularly when around certain students or in specific classes but Draco looked over his shoulder and at the other students and glared at them.

“You lot better shut your mouths before Lockhart comes in or I’ll -,” Draco all but growled but was cut off.

“Or what, Malfoy? Going to tell your father about it?” The Weasley in their class, Ronald, scoffed, got out of his seat and walked over to stand in front of Draco, crossing his arms.

Draco was out of his seat and chest to chest with Ron in seconds, causing other students to get out of their seats and surround the two wizards, ready for a fight.

“Draco just ignore them,” Blaise said, keeping an eye on the office door where Lockhart was to be coming out of any second.

“Listen to your minion, Malfoy,” Ron smirked while the frizzy haired witch pulled on his arm to bring him back to his seat.

“Don’t instigate, Ronald,” Hermione scolded.

“Now now, everyone! Back to your seats!” Came the sing-song voice of their professor, leaning over the stair banister and watching the students with a smug grin.

Draco rolled his eyes and went back to sitting beside Harry and the others found their seats once more before looking at the professor and waiting for their lesson to begin.

“Save that energy for the new club the professors all agreed you should be encouraged to attend after lunch today.”

“What club, professor?” Hermione asked.

“Excellent question, Miss Granger. We have put together our great minds and decided that a Dueling Club would be beneficial to you students,” Lockhart explained while descending the stairs and to his desk at the front of the class. A wave of excited whispers and conversations boomed at the mention of the newly created club.

“We can talk more about it after lunch, so I expect you all to show up and can get an extra five points on their next exam!”

Harry ignored the professor, not needing to learn about the school's version of dueling when he was trained in many forms of offensive and defensive magic along with fencing and basic hand-to-hand fighting. He pulled out a different book than their class textbook to read when an charmed origami crane landed between him and the book. Looking up and around to see who sent the paper bird, no one was watching him but all focused on the readings from Lockhart’s textbook that the professor himself was reciting to the class.

Delicately Harry unfolded the crane to see what was inside:

“I can handle them so you don’t have to pay them any attention. Here for whatever you need, Harry.”

Harry read the unsigned message a few times before re-folding it back up and tucking it into his bag and went back to his reading, smiling to himself. The note may not have been signed but Harry knew the penmanship of who wrote the note and that made all the difference for Harry. The flame within the darkness inside Harry grew just a bit more and that is all he could focus on as the class went on around him. Maybe he did have a knight in shining armor, Harry mused, losing all interest in the lesson and continued to fall into a rare daydream.


Harry looked up from his book and saw his friends all looking at him, no one else in the room anymore.

“You feeling alright, mate?” Theo asked.

“Yes, I’m fine, Theodore,” Harry said after a moment of reorienting himself then started to put his things away.

“If you say so… You were zoned out all class so we weren’t sure if those Gryffindorks got to you,” Blaise said in a light tone to keep any uneasiness out of his voice, leaning against the desk beside Harry.

“No, those close-minded people did not “get to me” as you put it. Just have a few more important things that have my attention right now,” Harry said, standing up and looking at his friends. His green eyes landed on the blond who wasn’t participating in the conversation. Draco’s mood was still sour from the beginning of the class, scowling while looking out the classroom door, not looking back at Harry.

“Let’s get to History of Magic. Least we have the Ravenclaws who can keep up with the subject,” Daphne said while dragging Draco out of the room, Theo and Blaise following them and leaving Harry to pull up the rear.

“Oh! Harry! So glad you are still here. Could you stay behind for a moment? I had a few questions for you, will only take a moment,” Professor Lockhart said, coming back out of his office and standing at the top of the stairs.

Harry looked at the older wizard and at Blaise who stood in the doorway while everyone else was in the hall.

“It’s fine, I’ll meet up with you in a few minutes,” Harry said. The taller boy nodded and walked out of the doorway, presumably to get everyone on their way to their next class.

Harry waited until his classmates were gone before turning and heading to the stairs that lead up to the Defense Against the Dark Arts office. Professor Lockhart walked into the office first and Harry followed, the door shutting on its own as Lockhart sat behind his desk, portraits of himself surrounding the desk.

“What did you have questions regarding, Professor? I do have History of Magic after this class so I can’t be late…”

“Oh don’t worry Harry, if needed I can write a tardy note for you to excuse you. Please have a seat,” Lockhart grinned, gesturing to the lush chair on the other side of his desk.

Harry looked at the shut door behind him then back at the professor before moving to sit. Noticing the grin of the professor’s perfectly shaped teeth was strained. Something was going on.

“I was asked to speak with you, Harry.”

“By who?” Harry asked from his seated position.

“Well by Headmaster Dumbledore, of course. He has great concerns for you and since you are well… he said you were avoiding him, but since we are closer,” Lockhart said, chuckling to himself with forced amusem*nt. “He wanted me to pull you aside to talk to you about a few things...” Lockhart stood back up from his desk chair.

Out of the blue, a voice Harry hadn’t heard in a few weeks filled his head. His body stilling, holding his breath.


“I’m sorry professor but I really do hate being late,” Harry said, pushing to stand.

“You are not excused, Harry.” Lockhart’s voice got an octave deeper, the smile, Lockhart’s mask, faltered. “You will be permitted to leave once we finish our discussion.”

Harry knew he had to leave, or the reptile would strike again. He was beginning to regret telling the others to go on without him.

“Professor Lockhart…” Harry started.

“Sit. Down,” The older wizard said firmly, walking around the desk and almost looming over Harry as he sat back down. “Very good, thank you for listening, Harry. I do wish for us to be able to talk like friends about all of the misconceptions that seem to be going on right now. So you will answer my questions and you will be able to leave once you do.”

Harry didn’t think the man in front of him was capable or smart enough to be so deceiving. Harry underestimated his professor. A mistake that would not be happening again. Furrowing his brows, Harry leaned back slightly in the chair to try and put a little bit more distance between the two of them since he wasn’t allowed to move.

“Ah, you’ve figured it out. I can see it on your face. Good that will make this easier.” Professor Lockhart pulled out his wand and pointed it right at Harry’s head, nearly touching where there was the faintest scar. “Do me a favor and don’t scream,” Lockhart said and cleared his voice.

The next words from the teacher’s mouth were not what Harry expected to hear. His grip on the bag in his hand tightened but his eyes were locked with Lockharts’.


Godric’s Hollow

Apparating to an outer street of Godric’s Hollow, Gomez and Morticia walked out from the shadows and towards the center of the quiet village to the church and neighboring graveyard. There was a passing witch or wizard in the street but they were paying no mind to the two sudden outsiders.

Before reaching their destination, Gomez and Morticia stopped in front of a half-destroyed home.

“It’s been twelve years since we have been here. Not one thing has changed,” Morticia contemplated.

“It’s enchanting! Cousin James’ home is like their own museum of death. Not one thing has been changed or repaired,” Gomez said, pointing to the hole in the roof of the Potter cottage. “A bit curious why no one has snatched up this gem in the twelve years since they died…”

“Come, mon trésor,” Morticia said, guiding her husband away from the preserved cottage and towards their desired destination.

Gomez gasped while taking Morticia’s arm and kissing it, “Oh Tish… when you speak like that… Drives me wild.” Morticia simply smiled at her husband while they walked, not needing to pay much attention, knowing Gomez would bring them to the graveyard where his cousin was buried.

Godric’s Hollow Cemetery was quaint with no living visitors in sight. Walking through the rows of tombstones and grave markers, Morticia read the names of the deceased before finding the polished stone with both James and Lily’s names engraved on it.

“Here, Gomez darling.”

He appeared beside his wife in seconds, dark eyes locked on the gravestone with his cousins’ name on it. “Let’s see what they have to say,” Gomez said, holding out his hand in front of him.

“Ab incunabulis ad mortem
Et e novo fiant tenebrae
Oriri ex tumulo
loquere et dic veritatem tuam, James Potter.”

Morticia watched her husband work, silent; Gomez hasn’t practiced necromancy in nearly a decade. For whatever reason as to why, he never mentioned it to Morticia. It wasn’t something that was of concern, Morticia knew that her husband had a unique way of doing things and he would never hide anything from her. Not intentionally.

Nothing changed for a moment before Gomez dropped his hand back to his side and pulled the taller witch closer to him in waiting. Another moment passed before a gust of wind blew past them. A mist creeped into the cemetery and swirled around the grave where they both stood before a form shimmered into existence. The specter of James Potter. Gomez smiled brightly once his cousin was visible.

“Welcome back to the land of the living, cousin!”

“Gomez Addams..?” James’ voice was weary and just above a whisper.

“We hope you have been resting comfortably all these years,” Morticia said gently.

“How is this happening? Why…?” James asked, taking in his surroundings.

“Long story short, old man, is that you and your lovely Lily have been dead for twelve years after Peter betrayed you for Voldemort, we took Harry in as one of our own and he is doing magnificently back in America. Happy, healthy and blooming into quite the viper. Now he is in his second year at Hogwarts. Voldemort was defeated but someone is trying to bring him back and Albus Dumbledore has his own plan that we don’t trust. Lastly we have a new player that is trying to rise to power and all three of these men want Harry, who is key to winning the war that will be happening in the near future.” Gomez spoke with a sudden eerie calm, the smile on his face disappearing.

The translucent form of James looked at the living couple with a frown.

“We wanted to speak to you, if you have a moment and weren’t too busy? This method was quicker than performing a séance, you understand,” Morticia further explained.

“You think… I’m busy? I’m dead. That’s ridiculous,” James shook his head. A moment passed after absorbing the information that was just put on him. “What did you need to ask?”

“If you say so…” Gomez took a deep breath before precisely going over what was going on and explaining in more detail about the third party that is interested in Harry, all of the issues that have been caught and what has happened since his death. The three continued to speak for a long time before the wind began to pick up again.

“The spell is nearly spent,” Morticia said softly to her husband, noting how the street lights were on and it was hours since their initial arrival.

“Before I go back… Is Harry happy? Do you have a photo of him?” James asked, his attention pulled from the previous subject that was being discussed.

Morticia nodded and pulled out a small purse out of thin air before holding out a photo of Harry to show the ghost.

“Proud doesn’t even cover the emotions we have for him, James. He is so strong and intelligent. Caring and devious…” Morticia said with a smile as she spoke about her eldest.

“He looks like Lily and I… but also like you two…” James commented while looking back at the Addams’. “Does he know about me and Lily?”

Gomez nodded.

“We made sure he knew where he came from, our family tree and all relations. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came here to visit eventually.”

“Thank you for clearing up those things for us. If we have any more questions we will come back. Otherwise I will reach beyond the veil as I usually would with my crystal ball back home,” Morticia said.

“Sure thing. Not going anywhere,” James joked. “Thank you for taking him in. I would roll over in my grave if he was put with Lily’s muggle family. Dreadful people, honestly.”

“Wretched. Not in the good way at all,” Gomez agreed.

“Rest easy, James.” Morticia said before Gomez raised his hand once more and said in a hushed tone:

“Te dimittam
Redi ad somnum tuum aeternum.”

With the wind, James’ specter disappeared leaving Morticia and Gomez alone in the dimly lit cemetery. Taking her hand, Gomez led his wife out of the rows of headstones and memorial tombs and back out to the street. They had more work to do before speaking to Harry. But they had more information than before and that was in the right direction.

Mon Trésor = my treasure (French)

Summoning Necromancer Spell (Latin)
“Ab incunabulis ad mortem (from the cradle to death)
Et e novo fiant tenebrae (and the darkness be made anew)
Oriri ex tumulo (rise from your grave)
loquere et dic veritatem tuam, James.” (speak and tell us your truth ____)

Te dimittam (I release thee)
Redi ad somnum tuum aeternum (Return to your eternal sleep)

Fronti Nulla Fides (With Tragedy In Their Blood: Book Two) - Chapter 14 - CestNous - Harry Potter (2024)


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