How Armor and Helmets Work in Escape From Tarkov (2024)

Escape from Tarkov (aka EFT) is one of the most challenging first-person shooter games, featuring complex systems, challenging gunplay, and a steep learning curve.

EFT is known for being a challenging game, with deeply developed mechanics featuring many options and a wide variety of gameplay that can take some practice and time to learn. The game offers powerful weapon and character customization, tons of items, throwables, equipment, and much more; this may be intimidating at first glance.

To be a successful player in Escape From Tarkov, you must flawlessly dominate and know most of its systems and mechanics. A knowledgeable EFT player in is a deadly one who will have an easy time playing this game.

This guide will cover everything Escape from Tarkov players need to know for their upcoming raids, such as what armor and helmets fit the situation and your game plan. After you read this article, you will return to EFT as one of the most formidable players!

Why Armor is Important in Escape from Tarkov

Bullets that penetrate armor or hit an unarmored part of a player will cause significant damage. Blunt damage resulting from an unsuccessful penetration attempt will deal negligible damage to the player in comparison. Thus, it’s incredibly important to wear enough armor and head protection in Escape from Tarkov to protect yourself.

As in life, it’s all or nothing. If the round penetrates a player’s armor, it will deal much more damage than if it is managed to be stopped, even if it is just barely prevented. Whether or not a player will be hit or their armor will be penetrated depends a lot on the ballistics in Escape from Tarkov.

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In addition to ballistics, the caliber of ammunition fired against the player is also very important. Typically, larger weapons and longer-range weapons, such as rifles, will use a large caliber round, but that is not a hard rule.

How Does Armor Work in Escape From Tarkov

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Armor in Escape From Tarkov comes in various types, offering different properties and benefits. Heavy armor usually provides more durability but limits the player’s movement; light armor, however, can offer similar protection levels but at reduced statistics, such as less durability but higher movement speed.

Armor Vests – in Escape From Tarkov are explicitly meant for protection and will offer better protection than a chest rig.

Chest Rigs – A chest rig in Escape From Tarkov usually can make the player slower and have decent armor while providing storage and protection.

It is usually better to wear a separate chest rig and armor for good mobility and protection.

What Amor Class in Escape from Tarkov Represents

The armor class in Escape From Tarkov can be identified by numbers ranging from Level 1 to Level 6; the lower the number, the weaker the protection. Generally, the higher the number, the better the armor, and the higher you will find it on our Escape from Tarkov armor tier list.

It is known that Level 1-3 armor in Escape From Tarkov is fragile and will be penetrated by almost any caliber. It is recommended to only use this armor as a last resort, especially early in a wipe.

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Different Types of Armor

There are currently two different types of armor available in Escape from Tarkov. Both armor types are great and can offer specific benefits and unique characteristics for different situations you may find yourself in.

Light Armor – In Escape From Tarkov, mobility tends to be extraordinary, albeit at reduced stats. The reduced stats do not necessarily mean less damage protection but may lead to less durability and weaker material.

Heavy Armor – This type of armor tends to have higher stats while sacrificing mobility; therefore, it is recommended to use this armor only in more claustrophobic maps such as Factory.

It is essential to experiment with both types of armor in Escape from Tarkov in order to decide which one you want to pick as your favorite based on your playstyle. This is different from how armor works in some other games. For example, armor in Ready or Not (a modern SWAT tactical shooter) should almost always be comprehensive and provide plenty of protection. This is because mobility is very important in Tarkov.

Armor Durability in EFT

The durability of protective materials helps to decide the probability of stopping a round and how much damage is taken from it. Weaker materials, such as ceramic, tend to have lower durability and thus can only withstand a few shots before breaking down.

The durability statistic will be heavily affected by the number of shots the armor takes and the caliber of the bullet. We recommend you avoid Ceramic and GZHEL materials, as they break very quickly, leaving you unprotected for the rest of the raid after only one or two shots.

How Helmets Work in Escape From Tarkov

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Helmets can be more tricky than body armor, as they often have a greater variety of protection against bullets yet are generally less durable than body armor.

Wearing the wrong helmet for the wrong map is a death sentence, as even the highest-tier helmets can be penetrated and neutralize you in one shot.

Helmet Classes in Escape from Tarkov

Like body armor in Escape from Tarkov, helmets are divided into six levels; the higher the number, the greater the protection.

Primarily, any helmet above level 2 will offer decent protection, especially in open maps such as Customs. Heavier helmets with better classes are mostly better for close-quarters maps.

The Different Types of Headwear Available to Tarkov Players

Light Helmet – Light Helmets are the best in Escape From Tarkov as they offer excellent protection and can take a variety of headwear attachments

Heavy Helmet – Most Heavy helmets tend to be very bulky and limit vision or sound, which can put you at a massive disadvantage.

We only recommend using heavy helmets that limit your senses when playing with a team that can compensate for sound and visual cues.

Helmet Durability

For the most part, helmets have fewer durability points and can be broken with fewer shots. On open maps, you can have more control of your gunfights, and you are likely to survive long-range shots with almost any helmet above level 2 while maintaining decent durability.

In close-quarters maps, durability will be heavily affected as you will likely take more shots at closer ranges and possibly from shotguns that can melt helmets at short ranges.

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Conclusion to Our Escape from Tarkov Armor and Helmets Guide

Armor and helmets play a crucial role in character protection, and understanding how they work will improve your performance in this challenging game. Both can protect players from gunfire and offer many options to customize their load-out. Knowing the different types of armor and how they work is key to survival and, ultimately, mastering the game.

We hope you’ve found the information in this armor and helmet guide useful for your upcoming raids in Escape from Tarkov. Moreover, we hope that you have as much fun as we are having with this mind-blowing first-person shooter.

Let us know down below in the comments what topics you would like us to cover about this game. Stay tuned for more content, and in the meantime, check out our other EFT content, such as our ultimate EFT weapon tier list.

Good luck and have fun, comrades!

How Armor and Helmets Work in Escape From Tarkov (2024)


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